The No Buzz Zone™ Diffuser repels biting insects up to 300 sq. ft., using Geraniol (discovered, tested & patented by the University of Florida).  



  • Utilizes Geraniol to create an invisible shield to repel mosquitoes and midges.
  • Cartridges repel for up to 120 hours.
  • Coverage area circle of 300 square feet in still air.
  • Use one, two or three individual cartridges for varied mosquito and midge concentrations.
  • Cartridge chamber seals to preserve potency when not in use.
  • Includes a simple lever control to adjust airflow.
  • Pleasant natural odor.
  • Uses only EPA exempt active and inert ingredients that are regarded as safe by the EPA.
  • Sleek, portable and lightweight.
  • Runs for hundreds of hours on two “AA” batteries (Not included)
  • AC adaptor port enables battery free operation. (AC adaptor not included)

Add cartridges as needed. Replacement cartridges available at www.nobuzzzone.com.