2 No Buzz Zone™ Flameless Candle-Diffuser
Refill Cartridges
Zip-lock vapor bag

Camping, Patios, Porches, RV’s and around the Home.

Other Features
• Repellent uses only EPA exempt active and inert ingredients which pose minimum risk.
• Effective coverage : Circle of 200-300 square feet.
• 4-postion switch- Off, Candle Only, Diffuser Only, Both Candle and Diffuser (light only activates in darkness in this mode).

•Use 2 AA Batteries (not included)
• With special vapor seal- zip-lock bag for storage of repellent cartridges when cartridges not in use.

Caution: Keep cartridges away from infants and young children. Individual pellets are non-edible but non-toxic. If swallowed drink plenty of water and contact your physician or poison control center immediately.

Dispose of cartridges in trash or recycle bin.